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Send us a completed article, sketch or photo: Indicate in your email:

1. Title of your work.


2. Is your submission new for HIMC, or have you published it somewhere else before/where. 


3. Your name to be printed with the submission.


We will let you know as soon as possible if we are going to use your piece.  We're a small team so please give us some time to follow up.

IF we do not accept your piece, please know that it may be for a variety of reasons that are not necessarily reflections of your writing or passion. We may have filled our page limit or content budget for the Issue, or need to find the right balance of essay vs. research, etc. We may ask to use it for a future Issue.


As The Sun Magazine says, "The selection process is highly subjective, something of a mystery even to us. There's no telling what we'll fall in love with, what we'll let get away." If we do let yours get away, please submit to other local outlets and keep at it.


We prefer completed submissions, but do consider pitches. A pitch means that you have idea for a piece and would like us to confirm ahead of time that we will publish it. This is for more experienced writers and usually for research-based pieces rather than personal essays or poems.

In your pitch please include:

1. A thesis: In a sentence or two, what is the piece about?

2. A little more detail: the who-what-when-where-why. A couple of paragraphs will do. 


3. If you would like to stay opted-in to the Community Wealth Program or opt-out for a one-time payment; see Payment section below.



Submissions must be PG-13 or below. We prioritize work that is feminist, thoughtful and well researched or crafted. We encourage submission of content that does not fit other local outlets, including content that is controversial, unique or gritty.

Writing Submissions


Articles that adhere to basic grammar and clarity standards will be prioritized. (We offer help with this. See How We Can Help You.)

Right now, we're especially looking for more articles that include "ground work" like doing research, going to different events or locations, or interviewing other people.

Articles that include attached high-quality photos, with descriptive captions, will receive priority (though we welcome articles without photos).

For Sketches and Photos

We accept black and white photos for our print edition. We accept and publish color photos online.

High quality photos will be prioritized.

Please submit a title or caption.

Thanks for your interest in supporting HIMC! We are "pausing" our community wealth program right now while we continue exploring and experimenting with a funding model that is both sustainable financially and exciting to community members. 
We are still, and always, accepting donated work. Thank You.

Each published contributor will automatically be entered into our Community Wealth program. So, the more money we make, and the more you contribute, the more you'll share in our success. 


This is our way of valuing your work as we grow from super small startup with limited capital to successful, sustainable small organization.

If we're going to use your piece, we will ask you for a W9 and a few other pieces of info so that we can remit payment at year's end.

Please know that we do have a limited editorial budget, and you are most likely to be published if you stay opted in to the Community Wealth Program. If you have a really great piece and would prefer the one-time payment, please let us know when you submit it. We'll review your piece, take a look at our budget for the Issue, and get back to you with what we can offer.





Independent Submission

Personal Essay

500-2,000 words

Independent Submission


1,000-2,000+ words


Sketches or Photos


These amounts are flexible, and subject to change during negotiation.

Fine Print

Here In My City reserves the right to reject or publish any submissions we choose in order to best uphold our mission.

Please be advised that we may edit your piece for length or clarity. We will not make major content-revisions without your approval, but we may do minor copy editing without it.

You are agreeing to this by submitting your work.

By submitting you are giving us one-time publishing rights, for inclusion in one print Issue and the online Issue. You retain ownership of your work.

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