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1. We ask questions, learn and teach.

I ask questions. I teach others and share what I've learned. I know we are all learning.

2. We have each other's backs.

I don't talk shit on other crew members. If I hear someone else talking shit, I can say:

"This is a no shit-talking zone. Got a problem with someone...go talk to them directly."

 I can disagree with or dislike another crew member, but I know we are all on the same team.

3. We solve our conflicts directly. 

If I have a conflict with another crew member, I will talk to them directly. I will do it away from customers if possible.

4. The Hub is a violence free zone. 

I will not engage in violence in the Shop or when representing the Hub in the community.


I remember that even when I am not at the Shop or 'on the clock' I am a community leader and represent the Hub.

5. We create a welcoming space.

We welcome all people to join us regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, economic status or knowledge of bikes. I do not make racist, sexist or intentionally hurtful comments when I am at the Shop or representing the Hub.

6. We are all volunteers and doing our best.

I remember that we are all figuring this out and learning as we go. I will have patience for myself and for my team.

7. We shred. And we f***ing rock.

I remember that I am VALUABLE, SMART and AWESOME. I make a difference in the world and in the community of Reading. I am part of a team made up of people who care about me. Hub life and bike life forevah.

-Drafted and signed by Hub adult crew members on January 14, 2016.

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